Video: Status Quo of the buildingSMART Professional Certification Program

Sarah Merz, buildingSMART Germany and Mark Baldwin, buildingSMART Switzerland, speak about the successful global adoption of the buildingSMART Professional Certification Program at the bS International Standards Summit in Dusseldorf.
In Germany there are since May 2018 over 22 approved providers listed and almost 300 certified individuals. As Sarah Merz states: 'the numbers are rising the courses are fully booked'.The Professional Certification Program exists to support training organisation to deliver internationally standardised and recognised training content. buildingSMART will not be delivering training itself, but will be defining learning outcomes and managing the approval of training providers and the testing and qualification of individuals.

The Program goals are:
-To standardise and promote openBIM training content
-To support and accredit training organisations
-To test and certify individuals

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