BIM At its BEST: buildingSMART International Award 2018: Winner in construction Project Pontsteiger

Jeffrey Truijens, Dura Vermeer, and Menno Mekes, Arons en Gelauff Architects, present the 2018 award winner "Project Pontsteiger" at BIM at its best at the buildingSMART Standards Summit in Dusseldorf.
Pontsteiger Residential building “Pontsteiger” is the tallest of its kind in Amsterdam, Netherlands, rising 90 meters out of water in the IJ canal. This project hosts 366 apartments, 1400m² commercial real estate, 500 underground parking places, and a marina for 40 yachts. The planning, development and construction was done by De Nijs and Dura Vermeer and an extensive list of architects, designers, engineers, co-makers, sub-contractors and suppliers.  The project made extensive use of OpenBIM processes and collaboration and set a new standard for construction engineering by developing a strategy for the use of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).