For building owners, digitization on site pays off immediately. However, the political framework conditions must be right and not only planners, engineers and architects, but also the executing trades must follow the path into the digital future.
Professor Christian Glock, from Kaiserslautern Technical University, Martin Müller, Vice President of the Federal Chamber of Architects (BAK) and René Hagemann-Miksits, Head of the Technology and Technology Policy Division at the Federation of the German Construction Industry (HDB), moderated by Professor Rasso Steinmann, Chairman of the Management Board of buildingSMART Germany, addressed the question of what wishes and expectations building owners have of the digital planning and construction of buildings. After all, the digitization of buildings directly opens up enormous savings potential for them. After all, digital planning and construction methods make it possible to complete buildings without exceeding the time and cost schedule.

Building Information Modeling - Game Changer in the Construction Industry
"BIM is the game changer that turns building an analog craft into a digitized, industrial process," explained Professor Glock in his introductory keynote lecture. However, the industry needs to rethink its approach in order to realize the potential of the method. "The emergence of this mindset is the real problem with the introduction of BIM, not the installation of new hardware and software," says Glock. But the change is taking place, reassured the professor of solid construction. The founding of hundreds of start-ups in recent years is proof of this. They offer new services for the construction industry with the help of digitalization.

Building is a team sport
Martin Müller from the BAK also pointed out that the industry had to find a uniform language in order to talk about digital planning and construction processes. "This is the only way we can take the many small craft businesses involved in construction into the digital future," explained Müller. It would not be possible without these companies. "Because building is a team sport," Müller is convinced.

Politicians have a duty
René Hagemann-Miksits of the HDB also took the politicians to task. "Only if we standardise the regulations in the state building regulations nationwide can we meet the expectations of the building owners", the expert demands. The regulatory thicket will be easier to lighten the faster taxpayers recognize that the public sector can build on time and at the same time more cheaply with the help of digitization.