In his speech at the buildingSMART International Standards Summit, Lothar Fehn Krestas, Head of subdivision BW I - building and construction industry of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Community, called for open and manufacturer-neutral standards as well as the introduction of digital building permits in Germany.
"Digitization in the construction industry is unnecessary! Unless it brings added value," explained Lothar Fehn Krestas, head of the construction department at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs, at the beginning of his speech on the closing day of the buildingSMART International Standards Summit. But in order to be able to create real benefits, all those involved in a construction project must " work together cooperatively ".

Culture of mistrust slows down productivity

Cooperative? Yes, said Fehn Krestas, because today countless planners and contractors work on one construction site, but not together, but side by side. "There is a culture of mutual distrust," says Fehn Krestas. As long as the industry accepts this, its efficiency would remain in the basement. "The juxtaposition must be transformed into cooperation," demanded the studied architect. "Only then will digitization bear fruit," he said. For the federal government and its authorities, this means less cost savings in construction projects. "We want to use digital methods to create more value, improve the quality of planning, reduce the number of disruptions in the course of the project and optimize building operations," explained Fehn Krestas.

Collaboration only works with open standards

"We can only achieve this with open and manufacturer-neutral standards," says the professional. This is the only way to replace software tools and use the latest and best programs. It is only with this openness that the necessary interdisciplinary cooperation in construction is possible. "Digitalization must not under any circumstances lead to market access being restricted," demanded Fehn Krestas. This is the unanimous position of the Federal Government and the Länder.

Exact definition of criteria for cooperation at openBIM

As a contracting authority, the public sector is also aware that it must define more precisely in tenders how it wishes the architects, planners and contractors it commissions to work together. It was equally clear that the digital building permit would have to be issued. Although these could only be introduced by the federal states, the federal government could give them the decisive impetus to do so.